Replacing broken Conbee2 and preserving mesh network?

If a Conbee2 usb stick gets broken you can obviously replace it with a new one. But is it possible to replace is as the coordinator of the zigbee mesh network? So without having to rejoin everything.

Yes as long as you have made a back up of your Phoscon configuration and you have saved somewhere the zigbee network number and the network key if you have not kept the standard one.
You just need to back up this configuration on the new key

How can we found the zigbee network key and number. And what we do with this when the backup is reload ?

You can make and load a backup in the phoscon app. If that fails but you can still access and connect to the deCONZ GUI you just have to copy the values from the network preferences. And you should copy the zll.db (from ~/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/ on raspbian)

There is also a 3rd option. In the phoscon app there is a hidden menu when you alt+click at the “advanced” icon at the settings/gateway page. There you can restore the last network settings from your old ConBee2.


Thanks for the information. Very valuable!