Replace a repeater in an existing system

I have a larger system with 180 end devices. As recommended in thread: Reconnect Sensors to deCONZ - deCONZ / REST-API Support i set that up with 14 repeater. While I can backup the sd-card of the raspberry and have the deCONZ settings on the sd-card - what happens to the bindings in deCONZ if one of my repeater broke? Is there a way to replace a broken or lost repeater in deCONZ without repairing the ed devices to the system?

It is not an actual problem, all repeaters are working. but i ask myself if it is smart and possible to have some kind of extra backup.

Thank you!

Hello, I m not sure to understand.

what happens to the bindings in deCONZ if one of my repeater broke?

Wich one binding ?
Bind are set by deconz, but memorised on devices themselfs, and I don’t see why you can have a bind on a repeater ? Those devices are just router.

If you loose a router, the network will re-construct them itself, without the router. The zigbee network is alive.

Some devices like old Xiaomi/Aquara will disconnect if they loose they parent, but it’s the only issue I m seing. Just add a new router and a “zigbee compliant” device will use it, without special configuration.

Thank you for the quick answer.
Ok, as I am using Xiaomi/Aqara sensors they probably disconnect but reconnect if i add a new router?

Nope, thoses devices don’t like lost their parent and they are not “mobile”
From some return you can try a short press on the button for they choose a new router, but untested on my side.

Hello Smanar,
ok, thanks for the answer - I hope i do not need to soon, and if i will see.