[Release][Stable] 2.15.3 - Weeka

This stable release is the successor of v2.15.2-beta version.


  • DDF for ORVIBO Zigbee Dry Contact CM10ZW #5985
  • DDF for Xiaomi Mijia contact sensor (MCCGQ01LM) #5979
  • DDF for Sunricher TERNCY-DC01 contact sensor #5997
  • DDF gold status for LK Wiser and Philips Hue devices #5991
  • DDF improve Xiaomi GZCGQ01LM, WSDCGQ01LM and WSDCGQ11LM #5990
  • Update DDF for the Sinope TH1124ZB #5988
  • Add DDF functions to sync time #5982
  • Fix battery icon not shown for DDF devices #5989
  • DEV poll state machine, harden “none” parse function handling #5995
  • Device code improve pairing #5983
  • Debug log output to verify that file permissions are correct for config.ini and zll.db.
  • DDF logging output moved from INFO to DDF levels.
  • Fix old DDF files be part of .deb packages.
  • Fix ZCLDB ZCL attribute sets handling and view in Cluster Info Panel.

Note iCasa Pulse 4S switch

There is a open regression #5981. The release contains a few improvements in #5983 and 162ea3 but this needs further testing. Therefore if you have this switch it might be worth to wait for the followup release.

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.

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If I download 2.15.3 beta is that the same release as 2.15.3?
Because, according to Github, 2.15.3 shouldn’t exists but…

Yes these are both identical tagged to same git commit (so the beta can’t be behind stable).

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After upgrading to 2.15.3 all Lidl Livarno lux bulbs behavior changed. I’m using Adaptive Lighting on Home-Assistant, and the Lidl bulbs default to warm and dim and don’t adjust automatically like before. I have 3 different models. Ikea lights work just fine.