[Release][Beta] 2.15.1 - Tekkek

This beta release is the successor of v2.15.0-beta version.


  • DDF for Sunricher 2/4/8 button switches (also branded as EcoDim, SLC, Namron, ROBB) #5903
    Important: If you have one of these switches please check the linked pull request, as there could be breaking changes.
  • DDF for Xiaomi H1 single rocker switch (neutral wire) WS-EUK03 #5919
  • DDF for Xiaomi H1 dual rocker switch (neutral wire) WS-EUK04 #5893
  • DDF for Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensor (WSDCGQ01LM) #5914
  • DDF for Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 smart plug #5913
  • DDF for Blitzwolf BW-SHP15 smart plug #5945
  • DDF for Tuya water sensor (_TZ3000_d16y6col) #5924
  • DDF for Danfoss Ally thermostat #5793 #5943
  • DDF for THIRDREALITY motion sensor Pet Friendly 3rMS16BZ #5941
  • DDF for ubisys J1 window covering controller #5894
  • DDF cleanup Develco/frient KEPZB-110, add missing items for docs #5907
  • DDF add missing files for doorlocks #5906
  • DDF add extra consumption/power fields for future usage #5890
  • DDF remove path attribute and rename DDF file for Owon THS317-ET #5920
  • DDF various updates and additions #5892
  • DDF don’t create DeviceJs instance on each “parse” invocation (performance) #5932
  • DDF initial support for top level “matchexpr” property #5933
  • DDF support sub device “meta” objects #5935
  • Add thermostat variant for Centralite Pearl 3 thermostat #5937
  • Extend functionality of LK FUGA Wiser switches #5878
  • Enable setting config/delay on IAS presence sensor for MOSZB-140 #5895
  • Extended 4-button Tuya scene switch support to include TS0044 _TZ3000_wkai4ga5 #5881
  • Button handler skip some modelid checks; improve sensor.mode #5936
  • Don’t use scientific floating point precision in REST API JSON responses #5942
  • Fix to return only available buttons in state/buttonevent introspection #5934
  • Fix DDF handling of negative values and values above 2^52 #5910
  • Fix negative temperature is 0 in Phoscon App #5884
  • Fix initally set value in electrical measurment cluster, if value is 0 #5915
  • Fix missing eval in parse functions #5948
  • Fix SEGV when REST API is called for non existing sensor id #5885
  • Update ArduinoJSON to v6.19.4 #5940
  • Fix deCONZ Cluster Info Panel read attributes confirmation handling.
  • Fix possible SEGV in processing node links (rare).
  • Double performance of drawing node links.

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.



It looks like the update is now available for instalation

Br Jesper

I can confirm, as jeverhjem already noted, 2.15.1-beta is not available on the amd64 Debian feed yet.

Mimiix, if this is not on purpose, is there a chance you can fix it?

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I can’t, but @de_employees can.

Did you sudo apt get upgrade first?

Yep, that’s what I did.

But the feed seems to be fixed, Tekkek has been successfully installed now.

Thanks! :+1:

I don’t like this release because I experienced many problems.
Often Deconz is slow.
Sometimes it seems ok but doesn’t execute commands to switch on and off (tested on Home Assistant and by cluster Info window in Deconz).
Just half an hour ago during a pairing, it found 2 devices already paired (listed in Phoscon too) so that I had 2 more switches in Home assistant as the device was a 2 gangs switch.

I think for your last issue (the new devices) it will be corrected by DDF fix ZHASwitch issues when upgrading from legacy sensors by manup · Pull Request #5958 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

The 2 others issues are more worring …

I think there should be something changed with the integration in HA.
Wating for 2022.5 to verify if what is written here Home Assistant integration - deCONZ / 3rd Party Integrations - deCONZ Community (phoscon.de) is a regression for me.

Feel free to open an seperate topic. There hasn’t been any reports of being significantly slow respones.