"Raw-Mode" in API?

Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if there is a kind of “raw-mode” of the deconz interface. This would be a helpfull feature if you can send a request with device-id, cluster, attribute, payload direct via API to a network member. The API should provide the same information vice versa from the Zigbee network at a defined port.
With this feature advanced user could grab the data direct at the api with different tools (python, node-red etc.). Transformating and processing the data is then in the hand of the 3rd-party programm. This would help to make deCONZ more universal and more independent from the list of supported devices.
Maybe this is a feature for the future.
Is there already such a feature?

There’s no such feature atm.

Do you like me to mvoe this to the feature request section :)?

Thank’s for the quick response. If you like, you can move the post :slight_smile:

Done ::slight_smile: