Raspberry Pi Headless

Hello, I have a Raspberry Pi 3+ running Buster headless.

I’m struggling to find documentation on next steps –
I currently have the pi plugged into a monitor, and can login to the account.
I am comfortable connecting to network, and can setup SSH.

What are the basic “getting started” directions to use?

As far as I know, the Pi will run Deconz, and then another computer will be used to get into the web ui?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Try and see what happens if you navigate to the ip address of the pi in your browser once deconz is running.

That way, you access Phoscon (layer on top of deCONZ).

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Does deconz have to be started? Is there a command to verify status? I’m assuming that once it’s on the network and I have the IP address, it should be up and running?

Yes, check the install guide for that last part :slight_smile:

ConBee II Installation

There’s a command which starts deconz

You can use the autodiscover url if you are connected to internet http://phoscon.de/app to access phoscon.
But better to use the local IP.

All is already configured on the image you are using but why have you choose the headless ? You loose the GUI.

I’m using headless purely for performance reasons. A Pi 3B+ is very slow, even just when running Deconz.

As far as I can tell, it’ll work for what I need to do headless, and the pi doesn’t have to render a desktop UI, so performance is much better

But you are using the pi for other thing ? why you need more performance ?
With a pi 1 perhaps, I haven’t tested, but a pi 3 … There is no performances issues, we are in 2022, even my TV have a desktop.

I have a pi 3 with deconz, my home automation application, some sound servers, and a desktop.

Render a desktop is not hard for current hardware.

I’m using a Pi 3B+ with Docker. With it I’m running: deconz, zwave2mqtt, mqtt, and adguardhome.

All those and the thing still has some processor power and RAM to spare. It’s capable of running many things at once so should easily handle deconz all by itself. I run the “headless” version like you.