RaspBee2 Firmeware Flash failed, not connecting devices anymore

Really strange :thinking: the settings look all right to me. The only thing not shown here is the NWK counter but even if it is too low at least the Ikea lights shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Perhaps you’ve already tried it but the following steps may help:

  • Full power down of the Raspberry Pi: shutdown and disconnect from power for ca. 10 seconds
  • If that doesn’t change anything power cycle a light to see if it pops up again

Ok guys, so - good new - It’s working again.
I tried both points you mentioned and even if I did this before it worked this time. The only difference this time was, that for pairing the lights I brought them as close as possible to the gateway.
I had to pair all deviced again. The connection got lost somehow…

@Mimiix @manup Thank you very much for your great support and fast responses! You guys are really great! :smiley: