Raspbee: No devices found when trying to update manually

Used Raspbian Buster headless. Wrote to card, booted Pi from it. Followed these instructions. When trying to update messages “missing the -d parameter”. After research I found the -d flag is for device selection. So I tried GCFFlasher -l to list devices. Returns no devices. The Raspbee works fine in HA though. What could be causing this and how do I solve?

Wow, world class support from the market leaders in Zigbee technology. Will not buy again.

The instruction says to stop deconz, did you do that and checked if it’s actually stopped?
It says also to stop the ModemManager sudo systemctl stop ModemManager

You might have done that already, just checking.

Hi, there was indeed a problem in the GCFFlasher 4.x versions not listing the serial port of RaspBee I and II.
Yesterday a new version v4.4.0 was released which fixes this.

The Wiki: Update deCONZ Manually was updated to to use -d /dev/serial0 as default which on current Raspberry Pi OS versions automatically points to the correct serial port (ttyS0 or ttyACM0). This also works with older GCFFlasher v4.x.y versions.

How do I get this new version on the sd-card installation?

ls -la /dev/serial/by-id/ in terminal produces nothing either. Is the GPIO even a serial device? Why does updating firmware take over a weekend, whereas it was a push of the button before? Should I persevere, or just remove the module and buy something else?

F it, I am buying a SkyConnect; I simply lack the time and funds to pursue this. Fellow manufacturers take note: this is how you churn customers.

with the level of your patience you’re going to have problems with any device :smiley:

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I’ve been at it for over 6 weeks, whereas the original procedure took 10 minutes.