RaspBee II + SNZB-02

Hello, I am running 5 Sonoff SNZB-02 sensors with RaspBee II controller. All were bought and added in the same time. Most of them run reliably for months. Only two of them, time by time (aprox. 4 - 6 weeks), suddenly became “Not reachable”. Both sensors are in the direct visibility to the controller, in distance 2 - 3 m from it. Battery status is over 80 percent. After re-pairing they again run well…
The problem is that this Home Assistant is remote and I cannot monitor temperature remotely until visit the site personally.
Can you advice how to identify and fix this problem? Is it possible to do it through deCONZ Debug view?

If 3 are working without problem, I don’t think it’s connexion issues.

in distance 2 - 3 m from it.

You haven’t routers ?

Battery status is over 80 percent

I don’t know for this brand (On Aquara 80% mean end of life realy soon), but can make a try with new batterie.

Thanks, I will try to exchange batteries. However the mentioned problem appeared when the battery status was over 90 percent.

I have 8 of those. 1 stopped working and simply refuses to reconnect. New battery, all tricks done. Sonoff stuff is cheap and firmware mediocre at best.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I thing so, because I have also some Aqura sensors, without these problems.