Raspbee II not found

Hi everyone, I’m noticing a problem, I’ll start by saying that it worked fine before. suddenly my rapbee2 stopped working, gcfflasher doesn’t find any device. How can I check if the RPI side is seen correctly?

Hello , the device have 2 LED nope ?
But I don’t remmeber the meaning …

I don’t see any Led. How can I see if the hardware is seen by the raspi?

Can you please check that the serial port configuration is still valid, sometimes it gets scrambled after OS updates.


Here it’s Step 1)

 sudo raspi-config ....

the serial port is correct

Hmm strange, can you try following command:

GCFFlasher_internal -c -d /dev/serial0

If the connection works this should print a packet like packet: 8 bytes, 0702000800A20000 every 10 seconds.

this the result

Looks good this is the normal communication.
I think found a bug in GCFFlasher which doesn’t list the RaspBee will be fixed asap.
Specifying the path on the commandline however works anyway (/dev/serial0 or /dev/ttyS0).