Raspbee 2 compatibility with Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Aw300


I’m interested in buying Xiaomi AW300 Outdoor Cameras. They are not listed as compatible with Raspbee 2. Is there chance those camera would work with the Raspbee 2 ? Or is there a workaround ?

Thanks !

I struggle to believe that a zigbee camera exists. It takes more over 10 minutes to upload a 200kb firmware on a zigbee lamp, it can’t work with video streaming.

I see, I didn’t know about that. I’ll take the motion sensor route then. I also see there arent’t any radiator thermostat listed in the compatibility list… As I need some, that’s not a good news.

there are many, I use bosch radiator thermostat 2 but they are a little tricky to set up

Does that mean you can basically make any zigbee devices work with the raspbee 2 ? I’m very interested in the product but I’m worried with compatibility issues.

Yes. As long as they adhere to the zigbee standard. If a device is unsupported, you can request device support on GitHub.

Ok, nice. This way I feel less limited on the zigbee devices I can choose. I will see how things work when I receive everything. I hope phoscon team will be quick to add support for new devices ;).

Thats not the phoscon team, mostly volunteer devs :wink:

With the DDF’s, it has been easier to add devices and no need to wait for new versions to get devices supported.

Well, I’m taking the Raspbee’s route I guess ! I’ll pay a visit to the GitHub once I will have received my hardware. The devs seems to be quite reactive, I hope it will be the same for me as as most of the devices I want aren’t on the supported devices list.

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A lot of devices arent on the list. This list is better in the regard: Supported Devices - deCONZ REST-API as its automatically compiled based on the DDF’s in the codebase.

A general note:

  • Lights / Sockets are almost always supported out of the box (except energy metering on sockets).
  • Search the github for the devices instead of the list. That way, its easier.

It’s very reassuring, plus I see a dedicated team in case of problem. My fears about the compatibility problems have disapeared ;). Also, thanks for the alternative list, it will be a great indicator for the future !

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