RasBee II and ConBee II on same raspbi?

I do run a RaspBee II on my raspbi. In addition I would like to run an ConBee II on the same Raspi, but the PhosConn App is showing the ConBee only (was RaspBee before) instead of both. How can I set it up that wy, that they are usable as two separate ones?

You know you can have only 1 coordinator in a zigbee network ?
And you can’t have 2 deconz instances.

I don’t see what you are trying to do ?

OK, was not aware of that. Wanted to try zigbee2mqtt and the setup with RaspBee II failed. See: Github Issue After it worked with ConBee II I wanted to do a kind of migration…

For me, not a good idea to use both application in same time.
But you can install both, and totaly disable one

I would prefer to get the RaspBee II working with zigbee2mqtt… Then I do not need the other one.

For that you need to ask at Z2m help channels as we don’t provide support for Z2m here.

I did Github Issue We can close this here. Thank you all for your help!