Random lights flickering or not responding

Hi, I have been using deconz with a conbee 2 stick for a year now and it has been running absolutely great. About 2 weeks ago the problems started. My network is unstable, lights do not respond, or even flicker. Even if I briefly disconnect the power I have problems. The flickering even starts by itself, without any user interaction. Lamps also just turn off.

I have already tried the following:

  • use a USB2 port
  • use a USB2 extension
  • change the Zigbee channel (from 11 to 15)
  • restart the server
  • disconnect the conbee stick for a few minutes

keep in mind that the whole thing ran flawless for a year, really 0.0 problems

I have already written in discord but there I was referred to this forum.

Also I was advised of possible interference with my wifi, I have in the house 3 wifi access points which occupy channel 1, 6 and 11. However, this ran for months without problems. I have no neighbors, and no foreign wifi or zigbee.

Slowly I run out of ideas, I use about 40 devices, mostly philips hue and aqara sensors, but I also have signal amplifiers from ikea (from the smart blinds).

I also use the ikea smart gateway because the blinds unfortunately do not work so well with deconz, but that also ran at least 3 months without errors.

Any ideas?
Kind regards, Daniel


I had the same problem, I started a year ago using Hue (bluetooth gen), The HUE bulb start flickering generaly after a power outage, they break the mesh network. I do an upgrade (using Hue bridge) of the all bulb and problem disappear.

Could you post your bulb firmware version to check.


Hi, thanks a lot for your answer.
The problematic lights are mostly hue white e27 lights.
Vendor: Philips
Model: LWA001
Version 1.53.3_r27175

But a Hue Play was also flickering/not responding:
Vendor: Philips
Model: 440400982841
Version: 1.56.7_r29434

shouldnt deconz update the firmware automatically?

edit: i also have lots of bluetooth hue devices.

edit2: i updated all of my 18 (17) hue lights using bluetooth. one wouldnt update, dont matter how hard or often i tried, i disconnected it from power. The playbars doesnt have bluetooth i think, so i couldnt update them

The problematic lights are mostly hue white e27 lights.
Got exactly the same issue, solved by upgrading to the last version is 1.76.6 or 1.76.10

No deconz doesn’t upgrade automatically, you have to do it manually.

Thanks, i already updated everything and so far its working fine.
Thankfully i got the “new” hue lights which also got bluetooth, so i dont need a bridge to update.
the latest hue white e27 version is 1.90.1

Philips released the new version 1.90.1, 7 days ago …

Ok I didn’t know that you could upgrade using bluetooth method, I 'll give a try.
Thanks for the tips

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So, its been a few days since i updated the bulbs and that fixed my problems.
If anybody is searching for a solution: update your bulbs using hue bridge, or if you got bluetooth+zigbee hues, just use the hue bluetooth app.
works perfectly.