Question: pairing the Zemismart ZM79E-DT

I have the Zemismart (Tuya) ZM79E-DT curtain motor, but I am not sure how to connect it using the phoscon app. I think it is supported by deconz/phoscon. In the photo you can see the separate zigbee chip (this motor has also a wifi version). So, what is the pair button and how do I connect it using deconz/phoscon. Just as a light in the phoscon app?

With tuya you never know.

You need to pair it with phoscon and then it should show in deconz. Can you share a screen of deconz?

Lol, are you sure it 's the same model ?
Because your picture are from a 2 years old topic Add support for Zemismart ZM79E-DT (Tuya) · Issue #1159 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters · GitHub

Nothing written on the documentation ?

And BTW its not you too on the last question ?

@Smanar, Yes that is actually the picture I borrowed, because the model numbers were exactly the same. My curtain motor has been sometime in storage before I was able to install it. So, it is at least a year old.

I have looked at the Deconz gui (over VNC), but it’s not present in the visualization or the node list.

Then it isn’t paired. Can you share some logs while pairing? In #deconz you can find out how to make logs.

But you still have the documentation with it or not ?
No hole or hidden button ?

Yes, but the documentation is only for the Wi-Fi version. There are no separate instructions for the Zigbee variant.

However, with the only button on the device I could find I tried all combination to see whether it would enter join mode. And it did after a few tries. Currently it is visible in the Deconz GUI/Phoscon. The only issue is that it just shows as a switch which doesn’t do anything (when triggered via Hass).

The node info:

The manufacturer is slightly different from the one mentioned in the wiki: Tuya devices List · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub. Googling the manufacturer results in a hit from the blakadder site, which says it is comparable to the _TZE200_cowvfni3. This manufacturer code is mentioned in the Tuya article.

Edit: the switch in Hass can be toggled to on, but that doesn’t work. After a few seconds the switch will toggle back to the off state.

Ok so I have a bad news for you.
The device is not yet in the c++ code. And we can’t add it with DDF for the moment (DDF core don’t support Tuya cluster for covering)

There is already a PR in waiting list for Tuya TRv, but still locked.

You need to create a device request on the github :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate, but nonetheless thanks for the help. I will create a device request on Github


Is there any movement on the tuya stuff?

I just replaced my broadlinks with these: Zemismart Rechargable Tubular Roller Shade Motor ZM16EL-03/33 Zigbee compatibility

Can’t see how to add them if they are indeed supported.

Please advise?

Still no official support for tuya covering.
You can use unofficial DDF to manage your device using state/bri and state/on instead of state/open and state/lift.