Question on documentation of alarmsystems vs sensors


I am reading in on the new alarmsystems part of the RES-API. First of all, a very interesting development!

I think I am getting confused when reading how to approach a sensor here compared to the standard documentation of sensor approach.

In the sample given the uniqueid is used in the query “GET /api/12345/sensors/ec:1b:bd:ff:fe:6f:c3:4d-01-0501” vs “GET /api/12345/sensors/5” according to the sensors documentation.

I would really like to be able to use the uniqueid, so I wonder if this is already possible, or something that will be enabled in the near future?



For physical devices lights/sensors you have unique ids but also the internal deconz id which can both be used to get to a specific resource. Alarm systems are virtual and not tied to a specific device so you can only use the deconz id in that case, just as with groups and scenes.

What is the first version of deCONZ where using the uniqueid for lights or sensors instead of the id is enabled? I must have missed this change somewhere (it was not documented earlier, clearly)

I sure would prefer using the uniqueid as several users of my plugin tend to delete the device in deCONZ and then re-add it, which then gets a new id.
If I know the first version where this was enabled, I can do a check on the plugin



Its been like that for as long as I can remember, I’ve never used it but it might have been there from the start.