Question for understanding ZigBee behaviour

Hi there, I’m fairly new to ZigBee business, but not to home automation.

Since several years I am automating my house step by step using openHAB, by EnOcean rocker switches and actuators, AVM Fritz DECT devices (radiator valves) and also Shelly actuators.

Now we got a couple of days ago new IKEA lighting for the kitchen, TRADFRI Driver 30W & Styrbar remote control. Installation was pretty fast, lighting worked very soon controlled directly by Styrbar. Then the question how to integrate into openHAB, brought up the need of a ZigBee bridge/gateway, strange enough. I decided to go for a german product, RaspBee II to run on a Raspberry Pi 2 I still had lying around.

So, I need to find out the need to reset TRADFRI and basically Styrbar, being teached then into Phoscon, defining from there switching events between Styrbar and Tradfri.

Now if the ZigBee bridge, in my case Phoscon, is not available it looks like cannot switch TRADFRI, neither from Styrbar and also not from openHAB. That goes contrary to all my efforts, as all other actuators, switches and devices are able to be controlled manually, even if home automation completely fails. Yes, my automation rules also don’t work anymore, but I can control any light or radiator valve manually in worse case.

Is there a way to have Styrbar or any other solution to switch Tradfri, even the ZigBee bridge/gateway failed?

Thanks in advance.


You have to create a binding using the Bind Dropbox in the deCONZ gui.

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So, parallel to the switching event definition in Phoscon App? Or is it either or?

You don’t need the Button configuration anymore for standard on/off switching and dimming. I just use bindings for all lights and blinds.

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Yes, sounds like the solution, great.

But just a handling question, I can see the binding dropbox, telling me drop source resp. target, but how to do?

I cannot drag the switch out of the graphical map and drop it to the field … ? Everything seems to be grayed out …

Drag the „On/Off“ cluster of your switch to „source“, drag the „On/Off“ cluster of your light to destination. Press bind and wake up your switch by pressing a button.

Depending on the firmware of the ikea switch only IEEE or Group binding will work. Newer firmware just supports IEEE, older just Group

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Haha, ok, got it, from the dropdown table of each device.

So, I would need to do two bindings, for on/off and also dimming level, right?

The remote control is Styrbar, not just on/off, also dimm-level.

That IKEA Tradfri Diver is fairly new, deConz tells me it is capable as Green Power Proxy …

My first attempt to bind failed (timed out), could it be I can only use the “blue” ones for pairing?

Did you press a Button on the Switch After Pressing „Bind“? you Need to wake up the Remote to accept the Bindung

I think I also bound Scenes Cluster to have the Color Control. Just try it and see what Happens :wink:

Yeah, but whatever I try to bind I get a “failed: timeout”.

deConz/Phoscon and the devices are within a range of 3-4m.

Strange. I only had the timeout error when I forgot to press a button to wake up the switch

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Ok, thinking that way the old Phoscon definition might interfere the binding process, I kicked the IKEA Styrbar remote out in Phoscon/deConz and teached it back in. Btw. only possible chosing “others” …

After that the first try binding on/off from Styrbar & Tradfri came back with “success” and after another while with a changed map and does work, but just on/off:

But now, further bindings are failing with “failed: timeout”, e.g. (dimm)-level, what would make absolute sense here. In general my initial question is solved know, but raising further questions regarding deConz.

I also don’t get any response requesting “Read binding table Ctrl+B”, like @jan666 described in his other thread. So, I would need to note down basically on paper what I have bound together … very strange.

Thanks for that hint, wasn’t aware of that … these are my first steps with (IKEA) ZigBee devices at all.

Now, I could bind level also, working :slight_smile:

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