[question] alarmsystems rules

I have made a test run of the latest beta (2.12.04). I tried making a rule in order to link the alarm system’s in_alarm state to a siren (Heiman WarningDevice-EF-3.0, which is a light in deconz REST API) with no success. Apparently rules do not yet support alarm systems - is this true? If yes how do you link a siren (which appears as a light) to an alarm system?

Oh damn, sorry I forgot to enable rules engine for the alarm system resources :confused:
Triggering the siren via rules will work then and is the right approach.

I’ll update the PR to add this, it will be available in the next v2.13.0-beta version after the stable stable.

Great, thanks. I’ll cherry-pick until the next beta cycles pushed a binary to support this.

Any update in this regard - i am more than thankful for the PR itself as currently the alarm system is kind of useless. I can do a manual build, anything to have it up and running and ditch more complex/stupid solutions i currently employ.

I plan to put up the PR by the end of this week, would be cool if you can test that it works in your setup.

The PR is up now, I don’t have a siren to test but could verify that it works to turn on a light.

I’ve successfully tested the rules and they work as expected (one rule turn the siren on and the second turns it off after some time). I just have a question though - is there an operator like “not in” available? In order to turn off the siren it would be nice/practical to have a rule like “if the alarmsystem/1 is not in_alarm turn off the siren”. Or maybe I got it wrong and the approach to binding a siren to the alarm system is different…