Q: What does this log enty mean: assertion 'restNode' failed

I noticed a lot of these errors on deconz 2.19.1 on my Pi4:
void DeRestPluginPrivate::pollNextDevice(),17644: assertion ‘restNode’ failed

They seem to be gone after a restart. Did they indicate an issue?

I can be wrong but from that I read on the code.

    while (!pollNodes.empty())
        const auto pollItem = pollNodes.front();

        if (pollItem.resourceType == RLights)
            restNode = getLightNodeForId(pollItem.uuid);
        else if (pollItem.resourceType == RSensors)
            restNode = getSensorNodeForUniqueId(pollItem.uuid);

        if (restNode && restNode->isAvailable())
        restNode = nullptr;

The fonction use a queue list with node, when the fonction is called, it search the next node in the list, can be normal for me, if you have an issue here, the code just skip the poll for this device and remove it from the list.

It’s not blocking, and it can just provoke a device be not polled, so miss a state.

For me it can happen naturaly, but It’s just my opinion.

Thanks, it looks like this is somehow related to removed devices. Had the same entries today after I removed a plug, after a deconz service restart they were gone.