Q: Is this Ikea TW 1055 bulb supported: LED2003G10?

Does anybody know if this €10 Ikea bulb works in deconz 2.14+?

Yes, the bulb is compatible. Added this to my Zigbee network yesterday. Reset mode is described in the bulb manual. 6x on/off.

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@Boris Thanks, do you also have any experience with other/older Ikea bulbs? Did you find any drawbacks for these new ones?
Do they keep the current settings (dimlevel/color) when power is cut off by a physical switch?

[Update} I bought one to compare it with my Aqara TW Bulbs, and they are really nice for €10. An advantage is also that their minimum brightness goes down very low, great for usage during the night. :slight_smile:
I did however notice a small delay when turning them on, just to be slightly annoying compared with the Aqara’s (couldn’t find a delay setting for On).