Q: How to set polling interval for specific devices?

I have a bunch of Tuya Smart Plugs that only seem to support electric measurement through polling. It looks like most of them only report every 60s or so (api/websocket to Homey in my case). This frequency is a bit too low for many useful automation triggers.

I was wondering if it is possible in deCONZ to configure this polling in deCONZ, for example to get readings every 10-15s (or even 30s would help)? If not yet: will this be part of the DDF implementation?

forwarded to the devs :slight_smile:

I hope we can unlock more of the Tuya reporting capabilities in near future.
There will be a bunch of generic extra functions for Tuya protocol so they can be integrated easier.

In a DDF the polling interval of an item is determined by the refresh.interval attribute.
It can be set to lower values, but keep in mind that too small values means lots of Zigbee messages which scales badly the larger the network becomes.

Thanks! Let’s see if I understand you correctly: this polling is implemented in the coordinator/deconz, but additional functionality will be added with DDF which includes support for custom polling intervals in the future?

And from a Zigbee network performance perspective: does it matter if a device uses a reporting frequency of 5s or if a device is polled every 5s?

Yes the polling interval of each item, like a temperature reading, is specified per device model in the DDF.
Note that this is used in combination with reporting to poll only if the value isn’t fresh enough or no reporting is supported.

Usually reporting is preferred as it means less messages in the network, and it can trigger periodically or in case of a specific change.

Cool, but this is not working yet in 2.13.2 beta? Or should it already work when using DDF (not sure how to do that)? It is updating only every 60s or so through polling right now…

The interval is already working in 2.13.2 beta. But note that it only tells the the code that it should read a value if it is older than the interval. But it doesn’t mean the value is read at this exact time. The code walks continuously through all devices so the more devices to poll the longer it takes, since only one device is queried, roughly every second (this will be speed up in future versions).

I just upgraded to 2.13.3 but it seems they are still only updating every >60s or so. I was wondering: what devices require polling besides certain plugs? Light bulbs also? And when will the polling frequency be increased?