Problems with Xiaomi Magic Cube

I have a magic cube, it has been in use for more than a year.
Then the entire zigbee went down the drain, getting very unstable.
I’ve since then stabilized it a bit more, but in the process I was resetting a lot, including the cube.
Now I’m trying to enroll it to the zigbee again.
I start searching for switches, and as soon as it appears on the deconz page, I ask it to read “Node descriptor” and “simple desciprot”, and I see stuff appear under the entity, all the right stuff.
If I look in deconz I see some actions show up when I manipulate the cube, BUT I don’t see any deconz_event in HA when manipulating the cube, I see all sorts of other events if I press switches.
So what can I do, what is wrong?

I think you should try the following:

  • Delete the Cube from Deconz
  • Reboot the machine where Deconz is located (stand alone or if you have an addon for HA, then reboot HA together with Deconz)
  • Try adding the switch again
  • During the process of pairing the device, it’s necessary to perform the available actions with the cube, first of all, this concerns the actions in clockwise and counterclockwise

@fribse if the hints from @SoulAssassin don´t work, please give me the following informations at first:

  1. host system (Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 4B / PC / NAS):
  2. execution method (Raspbian / Ubuntu / Home Assistant deCONZ add-on / Marthoc Docker container / Windows / Virtual Machine):
  3. firmware version (format 26xxyy00):
  4. deCONZ Version (Format 2.xx.yy):
  5. device (ConBee I / ConBee II / RaspBee I / RaspBee II):
  6. Is the ConBee I / II connected to a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (blue) socket? - only relevant for ConBee I/II:
  7. Is a USB extension used? (yes / no) - only relevant for ConBee I/II:
  8. Are other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? (yes / no) - If yes: which ones?):
  9. If Raspberry Pi: which power supply is used? (original / manufacturer+model) Specify volts and amps: (e.g. 5.0V, 1.0A):
  10. if Raspberry Pi: On which image base is the system set up?: (Phoscon / Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS / Home Assistant …):
  11. If Raspberry Pi: Which way was deCONZ installed? (APT repository / dpkg / via a plug-in).

Moved from deCONZ/3rd Party Integrations to deCONZ General support

Nothing helped, so for now I’ve uninstalled the entire deconz, and I’ve spent most of the day reregistering everything. It’s a big job with this many sensors and stuff, but at least so far, it has been very stable.

After redoing the network (still in progress) I’ve been able to get the cube in the system (after a few tries with shaking, turning, rotating, banging during the sign up process)