Problems with lights not responing / wont go off

Since I took away my Hue bridge and only have been using my Conbee Stick I’ve been experiecing lights that wont go off anymore, stay on or get greyed out in phoscon.

Now it seems to work again. Hopefully you can come with a solution.

paste earlier today:

last codepaste (no real errors):

Moved to general support as it is not a phoscon bug :slight_smile:

I am able to reproduce!

  • Turn on scène, turn off lights livingroom and Hue bloom does not respond anymore. Switching light off and on in deconz does not work. I can fix it by turning of the whole Downstairs group and turning it back on again. Then the light is functioning again.

The logs show multiple times the 0xD2 error code, this is an interesting one:

17:02:24:587 0x0000000000000000 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xD2 on task

0xD2 means the Zigbee broadcast table is full. This happens when too many broadcasts/group casts are send in fast succession. The logs show such a case at:

17:02:24:500 add task 421 type 14 to group 0x0002 cluster 0x0006 227
17:02:24:511 add task 423 type 14 to group 0x0014 cluster 0x0006 229
17:02:24:512 add task 425 type 14 to group 0x0015 cluster 0x0006 232
17:02:24:514 add task 427 type 14 to group 0x0018 cluster 0x0006 234
17:02:24:516 add task 429 type 14 to group 0x0004 cluster 0x0006 236
17:02:24:524 add task 431 type 14 to group 0x0005 cluster 0x0006 238
17:02:24:526 add task 433 type 14 to group 0x0007 cluster 0x0006 240
17:02:24:527 add task 435 type 14 to group 0x0008 cluster 0x0006 242

These are group casts for the On/Off cluster.

Note: On the Zigbee level every group cast is repeated x3 times — by each router — so it propagates through the network. Routers use a internal broadcast table to track the already repeated group casts, which is usually as small as 8.

What happens here is that the network gets filled up with requests.

To fix this usually a delay between group casts should be used to prevent filling up the network with requests. To be safe 500 milliseconds to 1 second is fine.

There is a command line parameter to artificially add delays between requests:


However I’d recommend to first figure out what triggers all those requests. Could be an automation or rules I guess?

I think maybe that was because I turned restarted because I was trying to get the log. The last log of 19:18 was a reproduction of the other actual error.

Some lights are getting stressed out and wont respond unless I turn of the whole ‘‘downstairs’’ group in phoscon.

Hmm from the last log I don’t see suspicious errors, commands seem to be send fine. Can you control one of the trouble lights directly in deCONZ Cluster Info Panel (On/Off cluster), so that they react?

Nope, not responding with exec commands. Only works when I turn off/on group ‘‘beneden’’ in phoscon:

see log: ontrol: 0x18, mfcode: 0x0000 20:04:16:432 payload: 000025d6090000000020:04: -

What was the MAC address of the light you tried to control?

In the logs it looks, fine commands are send with success status :thinking:

yeah true, saw ‘‘succes’’ happening on log when clicking, but light is not responding. Literraly just wanting to go off when I shut down whole group. Yesterday happened with different lights. Today certain spots also didn’t wanted to go along.

Just a test but can you try the command “Off with effect”, I have seen this for Ikea lights before which didn’t want to turn off as well but reacted to this command.

At first didn’t seem to work. After a while light was off. But couldn’t turn it back on. Tried everything. Again only worked when shutting down / turning down whole group (has to be ‘‘beneden’’ and not the group ‘‘woonkamer’’ where the Hue Bloom is also part of).

Interesting, can you please do another test and try if turn it on with the “On with recall global scene” command instead normal “On” command.

Light seems to lose connection totally


Turning off / on Whle deconz Group turns the light on again. But light stays noted as ‘‘not reachable’’ even though it turns off and on with the rest.

Switching through scenes reproduces the error. Light does not respond to any of the exes (no FAILED though).

Other info: When I came home yesterday (2 spots were on and 1 random light was still on) Dont have any crazy automations (fresh install). Naming the group the same as the light causes home assistant to double those light. Firtst i thought that was causing the error, but after fix, still the same.

Problem now mainly seems to manifest around the bloom…



  • Resetted the Conbee II ; (imported backup afterwards though)
  • Resetted the Hue bloom en added it again
  • Reinstalled plugins for nodered / Phoscon in H.A
  • Updated H.A.

Problem still consists; again later in the evening yesterday, multiple lights didn’t want to respond. Do I need bring my Hue Bridge back or do you have any other solution ?