Problems with Frient Kepzb-110

Hi there,

The newest version 2.17.01 should support this device, but still I’m not able to register to Phoscon, someone with same problem?

I’m mostly use the PI version, and from there I’m not able to register, but when using Windows install it sees the device, but only as a sensor with limited entities, no code, and not working sensor, only tampering mode

The device has bronze DDF support. Have you set the permission for this at: deCONZ > Panels > Control > DDF > Basic > check box bronze ?

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Phoscon! = deconz.

He means he want to do more in phoscon with it. In fact you need to use the rest api.

Correct :slight_smile: I’m using Homeassistant, and only a couple of things shows up, and I cannot figure out how to edit the DDF file, to get more entities availible. It’s a alarm panel, but only acts as a dum sensor.

This DDF have a recent update

To use the DDF editor you have a video here DDF cheat sheet · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub or can just use a text editor.

I don’t know how it work on HA but you need

  • set the DDF status to “gold”
  • set a “code0” to alarm system.
  • integrate the device on alarm system (this is done automaticaly if action are done in the correct order else try to re-include the device, after the alarm sytem is configured), but if you take a look in the alarm ystem you need to see the keypad.

Thank you, I look deeper into the documentation on DDF :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice! This was exactly what I needed to get my Frient keypad working.

If anyone else wonders like I did, you can read about “code0” here: Alarm Systems - deCONZ REST-API :slight_smile: