Problems with 2.22.0-beta package


after I got the 2.22.0-beta package running on Ubuntu 22.04.2 there’re still a few important problems left:

  • all sensors are not updated
    • neither in Phoscon, nor in Home Assistant
    • looking at the clusters in the GUI it seems like I can see correct values there → REST problems?
    • it’s battery devices (e.g. temperature sensors, luminance (which update quite often)) and mains powered sensors (power measurements from sockets)
  • no events from other battery devices to Home Assistant, e.g. Aqara magic cube

But: state of mains powered devices is reported to and can be set as expected from Home Assistant (REST works here).

What debugging should I do?

Hello, if you have the GUI, taking a look in logs ?
You have a firmware number displayed in phoscon/Gateway ?

Something special to look for or to do? I need to reinstall the beta and I would like to have a plan before. :wink:

I think he meant that you should look into the logs in the deCONZ in the current version.
Help - Debug View - Info, Error, APS (that should do it for now)