Problems migrating from Conbee II to Conbee III in a KVM under Proxmox as Docker

Hello everyone,

I have the problem that after replacing the Conbee II stick with a Conbee III, it is only recognized as Conbee or Conbee II:



I did the migration according to the instructions from ConBee III Installation.

I can control everything via Phoscon and iobroker, but the stick is not recognized correctly, see and the screenshots above.

My configuration and logs from Proxmox are attached in

My KVM configuration and logs are attached in

My Docker Compose is also attached in

Output from GCFFlasher in

At first everything works, except for the integration in iobroker, but I cannot flash the latest firmware and the Conbee is definitely recognized incorrectly.

Can someone help me here, what am I doing wrong or what have I forgotten?

Best regards

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Unfortunately I don’t have a solution but I have the exact same problem.
My ConBee 3 is shown just like yours in both Deconz and Phoscon.

It would be nice if someone could provide the exact steps to get this to work properly in docker…

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This probably is just a visual issue. Your device is a Conbee 3. Whatever the software says is wrong.

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Hi @Mimiix

thx for your answere.

For the time being I can live with the “display problem”, I would like to update the firmware with the GCC_flasher again in the future and it does not recognize the Conbee stick either.

Will the problem be fixed?

Many thanks and best regards

That is one for @de_employees to answer :sweat_smile: