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Hi all,

I’m trying to have the PowerOn state to “On”, i.e. when a bulb is switched with the physical lightswitch, it should turn on (and not stay turned off). I’m using RaspBeeII with Tradfri and Hue bulbs.

Unfortunately, in the deCONZ GUI, changing this setting results in “writing failed” / “unsupported attribute”.

There are some posts about editing XML files, but that didn’t help either. As those posts are up to 5 years old, they might also be outdated?

As this was working before with the original Tradfri Hub, I’m sure that it’s possible. But how with deCONZ?

Ok, and solved (that was quick)

in the file /usr/share/deCONZ/zcl/general.xml, I searched <attribute id="0x8002" name="Power on state" type="enum8" default="0" required="o" access="rw"> , and replaced the 0x8002 with 0x4003 (as I saw it in some other screenshots here).

And suddenly I can read/write the powerOn state (and it works as expected).

And you haven’t this field by defaut ?
I m seing it in the XML file

          <attribute id="0x4003" name="StartUp OnOff" type="enum8" access="rw" default="0x01" required="o">
            <value name="Off" value="0x00"></value>
            <value name="On" value="0x01"></value>
            <value name="Toggle" value="0x02"></value>
            <value name="Previous" value="0xff"></value>

I get all “writing failed” / “unsupported attribute” for all my devices too, so I cannot change the power on state.

I changed the xml as explained above and it didn’t help. I also tried to restart the deconz container, thought it needed to read the xml file again, but the xml goes back to the previous state automatically after a container restart (I am using deconz with the HA deconz plugin).

Tried also by restarting deconz only (not the whole container), from the gateway menu, but didn’t help either.

What am I doing wrong?

PS: all my bulbs were starting as ON when I was using deconz standalone, so I know this is supported by my bulbs. After I started using deconz as HA plugin, this behavior has been the opposite, so OFF by default, that I want to change.

Did you both use the deCONZ gui on 0x4003?:

Works for me on 2.22.0

Do note that the Power on state (0x8001) is Tuya related and is not working for “normal” bulbs.

ups you are right of course. Then it’s set to ON already, and thinking about it it’s correct, it actually starts as ON, but the light intensity is set to a very low level, I want it to be 100%, like it used to be when I was running deconz standalone. Is there another property for this?

I have one that starts as 100% and one that starts as low %. They have been actually bought together, same model, so not sure what I did differently. Looking at the properties I cannot find anything different.

I think it recalls the last state it was in.

Can you test if you put it on 100% and remove power?


While testing, i found 0x0011 on the Level control cluster.

That might be the one you are looking for.

ups I am not sure what this means.

These are the attributes I see under the level control tab:
Screenshot from 2023-12-18 14-58-40

found… StartUp Current Level is the one!
I was changing it on another bulb :man_facepalming: so I thought it was not working, but it’s working instead.

Thanks @Mimiix !

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