Power ON/OFF for Tuya based devices

I don’t know if I was drunk but I remember I saw the possibility to change the Power On/Off behaviour on some Tuya devices. Maybe when my Deconz was 2.15.0.
Is that correct?
Now I have 2.15.2 and WRITE button is greyed.

Wich one device ? they don’t use same attributes.
Using the GUI ?

Using VNC.
I remember Tuya smartplugs (Lidl- Silvercrest) and this one:
They are the same devices I can change using Tuya bridge.
I remember this because I asked myself why the Power On/Off was enable for writing while the Light behaviour (cluster 0x8001) wasn’t.
In Tuya bridge these options are in the same page.

For the MS-104BZ, model id _TZ3000_pmz6mjyu
The power on feature is on the onoff cluster (cluster 0x0006) and the attribute 0x8002, 0 = off, 1 = on and 2 = previous state.

The attribute is disablded or not writable ?

All look fine on xml file

            <attribute id="0x8002" name="Power on state" type="enum8" default="0" required="m" access="rw">
                <value name="Off" value="0"></value>
                <value name="On" value="1"></value>
                <value name="Last state" value="2"></value>

I’m sorry you lost time for me.
The configuration is still avaible as I remembered.
I didn’t look at the right line (cluster 0x8002) because was hidden.
This is what I saw yesterday when I opened this thread.
Now, after your last post:
I apologize for that.