Power on behavior via webapp

Hi there,
when might there be a simple and easy way to configure the power-on-behavior (i.e. after a power loss) for the lights and plugs in the web app?

I know I can somehow get Docker on the Raspi running to start Deconz and configure it from there. But to be honest, it sounds like several hours of work for me to simply make a setting. It’s actually quicker to reconnect all 10 plugs to the Hue bridge and configure them there :man_shrugging:

In my setup (Conbee II USB connected to a Raspi running FHEM and behind a powerbank-UPS :grin:) when the power’s gone and comes back, all lights/plugs are on. The Philips Hue lights I have connected to the Hue Bridge are in their previous state, The Hue Plugs I have are connected to the Conbee and are all on when the power is back.
The main reason for the plugs being connected to Conbee is to provide a good zigbe-network for my Tradfri-switches. In the past it proved better to have as much as possible in Conbee, then only the switches and the plugs in the Hue bridge.

Any help or feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:


I am not sure about the impact, but i like the idea.

It would be nice to have ability to set default state after power loss (on/off/previous) on every light, even on those, which doesn’t support this feature.

Waiting for something in the webapp, it s probably possible ATM for some device using config/powerup

Hm, that would be good enough for now. However I’m not quite sure how to reach the config endpoint. The general API works for turning lights on/off. However a get on a plug returns this:

“etag”: “a6aedcb8e27dc09ca1152c6eeac51ff3”,
“hascolor”: false,
“lastannounced”: “2022-02-18T16:35:24Z”,
“lastseen”: “2022-02-22T06:27Z”,
“manufacturername”: “Philips”,
“modelid”: “LOM001”,
“name”: “Steckdose Couch”,
“alert”: “none”,
“on”: false,
“reachable”: true
“swversion”: “1.55.10_r29112”,
“type”: “On/Off plug-in unit”,
“uniqueid”: “00:17:88:01:08:e7:29:ff-0b”

And a Get on /lights/10/config/powerup returns a 404.
What am I missing? :thinking:

Probably because it only goes for the FLSpp.

To everyone here: Please keep this as a feature request. Personal setup questions are not here to place.

So, what happens to feature requests? Do I submit them in a specific way and users can vote on requests, or what should I do for this improvement? :slight_smile:

Yes. But it depends on @de_employees

Hi, is there any update on that topic? How can I track the further development? Thank you!

This is a feture i am missing, any progres in this ?


This is not a feature we a currently working on. But I’ll mention it in one of our next meetings and check the estimated effort of implementation.