Possible to treat router as a battery-powered device?

I have a Tuya water valve that is 12V powered (power supply is provided in the box). But I power it from 12V accu, since there is no power socket in the valves cabinet. The accu is being drained within few days - I suppose because the router approach, plus maybe more frequent queries due to thinking of constant and unlimited power supply.

So my question as in title - can I change treatment of the device from being a router\with constant power supply to a battery one?

Unfortunately , the working mode depend of the firmware, no the power supply.
You can have powered switch that are end device, but some USB powered device working as router with batteries (not for long time ^^)

It’s not a zigbee setting.

You can try to reduce reporting, but if the device is realy a router, it will not make magic.