Pool Sensor - read values

I have a Zigbee pool sensor from Ali and i was able to connect it to Deconz and then integrate it to IP Symcon. I’m getting the values, but only every hour. Sometimes i need values now if I add chemicals. There is a button in the DeconZ GUI to “Trigger all datapoints”. If i click this, the sensor is reading and sending new data.
Is it possible to do it over API?

Product: Zigbee Chlorine Meter PH ORP EC TDS Salinity Temp CL
Manufacture name: _TZE200_v1jqz5cy
Model: TS0601

Ha yes, I m reading this post [Device Support Request] - TS0601 by _TZE200_v1jqz5cy - Chlorine Meter PH ORP EC TDS Salinity Temp CL Tester Swimming Pool Water Quality Analyzer · Issue #2565 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub
It seem this device don’t make report.
Have you add the tuya unlock sequence ? probably useless, Z2M use it, but they are using it everytime now.

And I think yes I have something for you DDF for Moes Thermostat by Smanar · Pull Request #7585 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub (tuya request 0x03 Data Query, I think it’s the one you need ?)

Hi Smanar

Sorry, I have no ide what you mean :slight_smile:

I will have a look on it, thanks.

Some device need a special sequence to unlock feature, for some of them it’s the value report.

 "name": "config/tuya_unlock"

Ah, I understand. I have to add this to the DDF (or json).