Phoscon WebGui now shows different/more device categories but some pages don't load


I had no need to use the phoscon WebGUI for a while, but when I logged in, I found that now there are more menu entries for devices than before:

The first 2 menu entries (“Lichter, Steckdosen”) load, but when I click on the 3rd, 4th or 5th (“Schalter, Sensoren, Rolläden”), only empty pages load:
http : / /,xx,x,xx&gwid=xxx
http: / /,xx,x,xx&gwid=xxx
http: / /,xx,x,xx&gwid=xxx

Was there some automatic update of phoscon (I was not aware of), or how did these new (sub-)menu entries come into play?

Why do 3 of 5 not work? Ok, I don’t have blinds or covers (“Rolläden”), but I do have 2 large (4 buttons) and 2 small (3 buttons) switches (all Osram) and one sensor (Osram motion sensor with temperature, called something like “Centralite”). They do not appear anywhere (but they do appear in deconz).

What am I missing? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello, I haven’t that on my side, what is your deconz version ?

Hello, I see this in the phoscon GUI:

Version 2.22.02 / 19.9.2022
Firmware 26780700

And in deconz:


I use RaspBee II on a Raspberry Pi 2 that runs Raspian OS buster, which is up to date, ie. I regularly update the base system. /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb buster main contrib non-free rpi

Is there maybe browser problem?

Now the entries for switches, sensors and covers work, too. However, I wonder about this, which looks awkward (see bottom line):

This is on Firefox 119.0 (64-Bit)/Windows 11 with all add-ons disabled.

When I open the WebGUI on e.g. Edge, it looks ok:

And with same URL ?
Have you tried to clear browser cache ?

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Sorry for my very late response! And thanks for your hint, which helped! :smiley: