Phoscon v2.25.1 Teach in Ubisys J1 roller blinds


I need your support please.

I would like to operate 2 Ubisys blind controller J1.
If you start the registration process under “Devices > Blinds > Connect new blinds”, the Ubisys J1 are not added under blinds but under lights.

Removing the two Ubisys J1 and then re-teaching them always leads to the same result: the blinds can be found under “Devices > Lights”.

What do you have to pay attention to/change so that the two Ubisys J1 are listed under the blinds tab?

The firmware of the Ubisys J1 actuators is 2.4.0 from December 21, 2023

A ConBee 3 radio module with firmware 264F0900 is used and gateway version 2.25.1 is installed.

Thank you for your support in advance.

See Version 2.23.1 - Ubisys J1 devices missing at "Blinds"