Phoscon broswer app - poor UX for control of lights : no individual controls or on/off

Phoscon browser app still doesnt have on/off for lights or a way to show a simple list of the lights and turn them on/off?

Do people never turn off lights or control them one at a time where the devs live?

wife: “honey turn off the bathroom light”
phoscon dev: “ok but I have to turn ALL house lights off - cant just turn that one light off.”


There you go.

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Very inefficient app design unless you only control groups of lights. User Must open a group to control an individual light And user must know which groups have which lights…or look in them until they find it.

Not any 15 or more apps (android, pc, ios, web) I’ve used for home automation I the last 20 years had this design… Not one.

All other apps have a simple list of individual lights with switches / dimmers… Simple is better

Hmm… I know many apps with groups.
I like it better with groups. It is more intuitive. :+1:

not At all, intuitive when you want to control a single light… You wasting time hunting fir the light and then scroll the list, to find it just to control one light… It like 5 times longer than having a simple list if all Lights. With switches new to each light name… Like every other app in the world does. Look at Hue Essentials… And every real home automation app in the world.

Show me one app, other than phoscon, that requires you to put all Lights in a group to control one single light… And that app doesn’t have a simple list of all Lights

Philips Hue, Hue Essentials, Apple Home, and many more utilise groups or “rooms” (which essentially are groups) to order and categorise the lights.

I think it is far more easier to find a light in a small group with a conclusive name like “bed room” or “dining table” instead of a single list with 50+ lights of youe whole home.

But of course you can do that in Phoscon App. Just create a single group and put all lights into it. Then you have a simple list of all lights.