Phoscon App not finding Conbee II

I hope someone can help me. I have a conbee II plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4 running Home Assistant.

I started out with ZHA and the configuration automatically identified the Conbee II. All was fine until right now when I have about 30 devices on the network of which about half are routers and the rest are end devices. I think I am experiencing wifi interference as I have myriad problems with disconnections and weak signals. My wifi network is on channel 6 and cannot be changed (it is a self managing mesh network). So I decided to change from ZHA to Deconz and change channel zigbee channel to 24 at the same time to see if this sorts things out. I thought I would first add the Deconz integration in Home Assistant and then remove ZHA.

Problem is that when I go to Phoscon App it scans and finds nothing so I cannot go through the deconz setup in Home Assistant as apparently I need to access phoscon first and authorise Home Assistant.

Am I doing something wrong? Help gratefully received, thanks!

The url was broken yesterday for me too, but working today, can you remake a try ?

For information, you can use your local IP too, this one always works.

Hi thanks for the info. I tried again today and from Google Chrome the search completes and then just shows the logo with no gateways. From Safari it goes into a redirect loop and does not recover.

What is the correct format for the local IP connection? Is this the IP of the Raspberry Pi that the Conbee II is plugged into?

And I think you have nothing here ?

HA use docker so I can’t be sure for the URL, you have access to the GUI ? if yes there is a button on top to access phoscon.

But are you sure deconz is running ?

If I go to I just get [] and nothing else.

It’s possible I never activated Deconz. When I installed ZHA in Home Assistant I just plugged in the Conbee and it recognised it on the USB port.

Maybe this is the problem and I need to follow the installation process.

I have exactly the same issue - Conbee 2 running in Esxi, Phoscon in Ubuntu

Can you open an own topic?

You can’t use zha with deconz. It’s either one of them.

I’m not wanting to use both ZHA and Deconz. I would like to switch from ZHA to Deconz in order to change the Zigbee channel to avoid Wi-Fi interference.

So could you help me with some advice as to how to proceed?

Probably need to reset the network settings and then from there.

What does deconz show?

I have no idea what Deconz shows as I cannot access it. When I try to install from Home Assistant it tells me to login to phoscon to authorise it.

Phoscon can’t find anything so I can’t login.

Do you have the addon installed?

In home assistant, you can choose to open deconz or phoscon.

I have searched for Phoscon under integrations and nothing shows. Do I need to install it manually?

You need the addon or the deconz software.

I really appreciate the help you are offering here but just a thought…

Instead of offering short sentences that contain almost zero actual guidance as to how to proceed, don’t you think it would be better to offer a step-by-step guide?

Saying “you need the add on or the Deconz software” is about as useful as telling me “you need to fix it”.

The torturous back and forth in this thread is painful to read through as it seems like there is some gate keeping against helping beginners use the hardware. I understand that I am an “idiot noob” but surely it would be easier to just offer guidance instead of a week long cascade of answers with very little practical help?

If you would prefer me to go away, I will go and ask the same question on the Home Assistant forum.

I am a bit confused as the question is quiet uncommon. Can’t the channel be switched in ZHA? Either way, Addon is a general thing in Home assistant and i figured you knew that. Nevertheless, i hope this explains a bit more.

The stick doesn’t contain the software it’s just a radio. You can’t simply add the integration as the integration talks to the deCONZ API. In that case you don’t have deCONZ and thus can’t use it. You need to install additional software (deconz) to use/configure it.

This might be a bit more enlightening: deCONZ for Dummies · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Thanks. For anyone else with this problem here is the solution:

In Home Assistant, Deconz appears as both an “integration” and an “add on”. To install the add on you need to go to Configuration>Add ons, backups and supervisor>add on store and search for Deconz

My problem was that I was trying to add the Deconz integration under Configuration>Devices and Services>Add Integration which allows you to search for and find Deconz but then you cannot authorise it without pre-existing access.

The existence of the two was the confusion because I didn’t know the integration and add on were different.

That we see more often :slight_smile: