Philips Hue Dimmer Switch v2 (RWL022) not found in Phoscon

Hello, i am using a Conbee 2 and trying to connect a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch v2 to it. Unfortunately it is not found. The problem seems to be clearly with the Conbee / Phoscon, as i managed to connect it to a HUE Bridge in the past without any problems. I have tried resetting it, changing Zigbee channels, i have no idea what to try next. I had similar issues with finding other components in Phoscon, but at least the Aqara products could be integrated. I guess the problem occurs only with the RWL022, but as far i as have understood from the topics in the forums, this should be solved by now. Any advices / ideas are welcome.

Thanks, Adrian!

Can you share some logs while pairing? In #deconz you can find out how.