Philips Dimmschalter - how to connect it to a lamp?


I integrated the above mentioned switch which is now visible in ‘switches’ in Phoscon (Home Assistant).
But what I want is - like with my Hue Bridge - to connect this switch with a lamp. But this is not possible in Phoscon/Home Assistant. What can I do?

Or maybe I can use either the lamp on/off function in Home Assistant/Phoscon or the stand alone Dimmschalter switch without the HA bridge?

Thanks for your help

You can use deconz rules with the rest api

A easy way to configure this is the hue essentials app :slight_smile:

Thank you. Don’t exactly know what you mean with the rest api.
I forgot to mention that I don’t use my Hue Bridge anymore. But I will try to use the hue essentials app you mentioned. Is this an integration?

It’s app on your phone or pc.

I can still use the Hue app without the Hue bridge?

Hue essentials is not the hue app.

Ok, I got it :grin: … and I’ll try it out.

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