Paring Zigbee Montion Sensor Model ZG-204Z on CONBEE II using PHOSCON not possible


Using CONBEE II on a Raspberry, I was able to pair Xiaomi motion detectors but I did not reach how to pair a “Zigbee Montion Sensor Model ZG-204Z” one
I tried one by one the 4 PHOSCON predefined Sensors (Dresden Electronik, IKEA, Philips Others)… but I did not succeed with none of them.
What is the procedure to pair this sensor?
Do I have to upgrade something?
Thank you in advance for support or any idea



What does deCONZ show?

ADditionally, if it is showing in deCONZ with a hex name, you need to request support on github.

Afterwards, Phoscon needs to add support themselves.