Osram Lightify Smart+ LED Stripe - Control White LEDs (LIGHTIFY Indoor Flex RGBW)

Hi an hello everybody

I am using my Conbee II setup for a long time now and just got the first issue with my Osram Lightify Smart+ LED Stripe Controller, because the white LEDs cannot be controlled. The white LEDs are always turned of. How can I do this with Conbee II, deCONZ and Phoscon or an external App?

I also got an “FLS-PP lp Funk-Vorschaltgerät” with the (same) Osram LED Stripe connected, where I can see two devices in my external App and also in Homebridge (colored and white LEDs are seperated)… in Phoscon I have an additional “white” controller in WebUI.

Thanks for your help

Hi! Do they show up in the restAPI? Getting Started - deCONZ REST-API

Yes, but only as “Extended color light” there is no controller für the “white” LEDs. If I use the Osram LED stripe with the FLS-PP I get such an additional controller (“Dimmable light”) and it is working withthe same Osram LED stripe.
Perhaps the “white” controller part in the Osram ist not supported?

The device firmware decides whats exposed in combination with deconz support.

The way the FLSPP exposes it, is just a implementation decision in the firmware. The Osram can be different.