Option activate OTAU

Hi everybody,

I just wonder about the option „activate OTAU“ in the phoscon gateway settings.
What does this do? Can I do firmware updates without the OTAU plugin in deconz?
That would be very nice because I‘m using a headless Raspberry Pi.

You mean in the old web app ? I can’t see it on Phoscon …
If I m right it enable automatic OTA but only for router (the procedure is heavy for sensor, can be bad for battery).
You just need to put your firmwares file in the OTAU folder

ZigBee firmware is identified by the Manufacturer Code, Image Code and Version. On startup, the STD OTAU plugin will read all *.ota, *.ota.signed, *.sbl-ota, and *.zigbee files in ~/otau, and copy them to mmmm _ iiii _ vvvvvvvv .zigbee files, matching these attributes.

No not the old web app, I think… Version 2.18.02.

So, there is no possibility to trigger a OTAU without access to the Deconz GUI for a battery device?

No, or can install deconz on a full OS, and make a clone of your zigbee network using the backup/restore feature from phoscon.