One Switch Operation

I would like to set up a switch for a room that does two things. Toggle between a specific scene and turn off the lights. And no: Just creating two scenes with one of them functioning as"off" and programming the switch to “call next scene” won’t do the job, because in the end there will be two switches with two different scenes. If i select one of the scenes, the other switch should also serve as being the off button in that instance. I hope I’m making sense here.

The reason I want this so bad is, that im tired of switching the light on in the morning and it goes to the last setting (often being dimmed all the way down by my girlfriend) and then having to manually dimm it back up to full brightness.

Is the there a way in the phoscon app to solve this problem? If not would it be possible with a simple switch (on a on/off toggle) to gobaly programm it in a way, that after being off, it always resets the brightness setting?

I’m not entirely sure if I understand you 100% but for me it sounds to be easily done with the switch editor in the Phoscon app.

How many buttons does the switch have? You could set a scene with your prefered brightness level as the “ON” button of the switch. You could also use the same button to dimm the lights.