Occupancy for Aqara motion sensor : RTCGQ11LM

For : Aqara Motion Sensor - Human Body Sensor ( Aqara Motion Sensor Human Body Sensor Smart body Movement Wireless ZigBee Connection holder Light for Xiaomi smart home Mihome|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress )

When i use ZHA i see on my motion sensor the occupancy entity.

For the automation its better than IAS because ias turn on/off light after move/not move in 2 minutes. Sometime IAS turn on when the cat move on the room but occupancy not have this probleme and check human presence and after 10 minute without found move on human he turn off the entity

For better integration, i use Deconz now but he not detect the occupancy but he missing the occupancy.

On Interface deconz 0406 is the occupancy sensor and i see the occupancy but on phoscon/home assistant, … he not appair occupancy

Can you fix this case with add feature ?

Thx :slight_smile:

There’s nothing to be done. The device actually only has occupancy and that is translated to the motion state you see in Phoscon.

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