Observations Phoscon and deConz

Twice tried to move forma Conbee II to the III, but no success.
After the restart and reload of the configurations all went well.
But after some time, devices where detached and they could be joined again.
However, they kept on detaching.
Presently I run with the Conbee III, but strange things has happened.
I have two dimmer/switches, one is still present and operates well.
The second dimmer/switch is gone and the group is empty.
But the strange thing, all still works. the Christmas light goes on and off when I use the dimmer/switch.
The other thing is the explorer you use.
It depends on the explorer how much you will see, Chrome seems to be the best explorer to use.
All other explorers has there strange behaviour.
Just some observations.

There is a PR that can perhaps help you Force classic join/re-join for devices by manup · Pull Request #7497 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub