Nous Temperature Sensor and Humidity Sensor E6 not showing clusters

I am trying to get the Nous E6 sensor working. I already saw that support for it has been added, and I updated by install to 2.20.0-beta, but still cannot get it working.
While the correct DDF gets loaded (tuya/nous_hum_temp_e6.json), I do not see any values from the device. Opposed the screenshots for other clones (e.g. Tuya Temp/Humi Sensor with Screen TS0601 · Issue #6063 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub), the cluster entries for temperature and humidity are missing and the device is called “Home Automation Smart plug” (see attached screenshot)

Node Info

Cluster Info


Tuya specific

As I am completely new to using deCONZ directly, I would appreciate some help.

Please post this request on GitHub.