Not able to add new device


I am not able add new devices to Deconz but my existing devices are working fine.
My Coinbee II is attached to Home Assistant Raspberry 4

Version 2.22.02 / 9/19/2022
Firmware 26780700

Not sure when this problem started din’t add new device since some time

Note : I disconnected my existing device and now I am not able it add it back

Can you share some logs?

Also, can you share a screenshot of your deCONZgui?


Add enabled discovery in light and tried to get logs after that


You need to get routers. The conbee can have up to 32 connections directly. If you add only end nodes, this limit is reached.

By adding routers, you can expand the network and have more end nodes.

Routers are mains powered devices like Lamps & Sockets

Thanks for the suggestion, I realized later that Sengled bulbs do not act as routers.

Right now I am not trying to add new devices, currently I am trying to add devices which were already connected. I had to reset the devices due to some issue (around 3-4 devices including light bulbs) and now I am trying to add them back and nothing is happening. I am afraid that my coinbee II will not be able to add new router as well.

Having said that I am ready to try adding the router, so do you have any suggestion for a good router? I don’t need new smart plug or bulb so I will prefer to buy something cheap which can just help with my existing zigbee devices and I am heavy user of Aqara sensors and I have read at various places that few routers do not work well with Aqara devices.

You probably need to remove some devices to be able to pair again.

Hue bulbs / sockets are often good. There’s also Ikea repeaters, but not sure if they still sell them

Besides Mimiix’ recommendation, I’d advise to update to the latest deconz version, as it contains some enhancements regarding potential pairing issues.

Yeah was looking into updating is before I posted it here, looks like things are being stuck here : Bump deCONZ to v2.24.2 by beginnersguide · Pull Request #3323 · home-assistant/addons · GitHub

I got the zigbee extender and I was able to connect it in deconz and was able to add one sensor to it but after that when I am trying to add new sensors it is not connecting to the extender but to the main router.

Is there any way to force the device to connect to extender rather than main hub Coinbee II?

NOTE : Sensor that I am trying to attach is Aqara sensors and one which got connected to extender was also from Aqara so I doubt its sensor problem

The sensors pick themselves.

You need to add more routers. At least 1 router per 5 sensors.