No new firmware via web deconz interface from Home Assistant plugin

I have the conbee II and running deconz 2.17.01 / 01/07/2022 via homeassistant
My firmware is 26720700 but there is a newer firmware 26780700. The webinterface don’t tell me there is a new so can’t update? I could unplug the conbee and update manually via a computer but I want the update via web.

This has been working before.

HA use docker, virtual OS, it’s not recommanded to use this OS for firmware update.

I can’t compare on my side, I have a realy old firmware version, but it strange deconz don’t purpose you the last firmware if you have the last deconz version …

Someone else have the same issue ?

I think It’s because the last version is still beta

With last HA deconz addon, firmware info disappeared. Just clear cache of your browser and it will show again.