No Gateway when login in by domain instead of IP

If i login via 192.168.1. x i am redirected to
http://192.168.1. x/pwa/login.html#

and below the brown p there is Phoscon-GW button shown on the same IP

if i login via nginx proxy manager by domain i am redirected to
deconz.domain. de/pwa/login.html#

BUT i only get the brown P but NO Button below to login the gateway.

Anyone any idea?

Using the latest Version btw.

I am having the same issue when I use devices on iOS(17). I just get a blank screen

It does work on Safari on MacOS

Sometimes it works for me on Chrome Desktop but most of the time it does not work. On Mobile Chrome or Firefox i could not get it to work.

As far as iOS is concerned, this problem is now fixed, using the newly arrived Phoson App. :+1: :+1:

Thanks alot. But the app works for me, only the Webpages make the problems. Am i in the wrong thread? :frowning:

No, no, was just a thought.

Have you seen this? I’d try this update

Did this, still the same Problem, maybe another bug. Phoscon App is the only docker container that i am not able to let it open bei a domain and only by ip