New Variant of MOES 1 GANG SWITCH TS0011 / _TZ3000

Product name: Moes Switch 1 Gang / MOES ZS-SR-EU1-WH-MS ZIGBEE
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_hhiodade
Model identifier: TS0011
Device type to add: Light

Actually, the DDF is available in "devices/tuya/_TZ3000_TS0011_1gang_switch_module.json" , but it was missing this one specific model, adding "_TZ3000_hhiodade" to the list in "manufacturername" made the switch recognizable.

I have also noticed that with the MOES Ring switches I should be able to set the indicator light behaviour, but it is a read-only value right now. It is also read-only for the 2-gang switch.

Can this be fixed?

More information here: