New sensor not added to Phoscon

Using ConbeeIII on a Rpi3. Up to now no problems with pairing devices. I bought a new Sonoff motion detector which became visible in the Deconz Gui, but without descriptor. Was not exported to de Restapi and not visible in Phoscon. I send it back to the shop.
Then I bought a Frient motion detector. MOSZB-141. Same problem. Visible in Deconz Gui but without prober descriptor, not added to Phoscon and not exported to the API.

I have no clue how to solve the issue. Anyone?

Hello, you set the “inclusion mode” using phoscon or deconz ?
If you have the GUI, you can ask again for descriptor using it, you have a capture of the node ?

This can be caused by a bad zigbee connection, are you suing the USB extension ? USB 2.0 ?

Hello Smanar,

Not clear what is meant with “inclusion mode”. Is this the "Add new sensor"mode?

What I did, I installed the latest firmware on the ConbeeIII (latest version for deCONZ was already installed). Then I lost all the connections to the devices… but, you saved me again with a contribution in a 2021 article on the Phoscon forum: Network lost issues · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub.

This not only solved my connection problem in general, but I also could link my new motion sensor.

Thanks a lot.

Yep, was that. but happy it works now ^^. Your issue was probably caused by a network config corruption, but why ? A firwmare update can cause that ?