Neo Siren Alarm - NAS-AB02

New Neo Alarm - NAS-AB02
Github: Neo Siren Alarm - NAS-AB02 · Issue #6112 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
AliExpress: ZigBee Tuya Sirene Alarm Mit Temperatur Feuchtigkeit Sensor 90dB Sound Licht Home Security Alarm Funktioniert SmartLife APP Zigbee Gateway|Alarm Siren| - AliExpress

Alarm/Siren with built in temperature and humidity.

I think I created the github incident properly.
If there’s any other info needed, please let me know.

Currently running 2.16.01, where it shows as _TZE200_t1blo2bj Fairy lights
I can upgrade to a beta, and I’m running on a Pi, so I can compile and test if needed (I may need a quick prod on which branch I need to pull for testing).


Hello, I’m running Package: deconz Version: 2.24.2 and it doesn’t discover my device :frowning:

I have found the same sirene, which would be very handy. unfortunately it is found as a temp/hunidity devices (works so far) but I cannot control the sirene, which I would need for my water leakage sensor.
Any idea what to do?