Namron Zigbee Touch 16A 2.0 not discovered in deCONZ/phoscon

I have purchased the newest Namron Thermostat Touch Zigbee 16A 2.0 model id 4512752 (the “old” Namron zigbee touch 16A are supported with model id 4512737 and 4513738. The new thermostats are not discovered by phoschon/deCONZ. I am running home assistant OS on raspberry pi4 with a Raspbee2 gateway. Going into /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/namron I see 4512737_thermostat.json that supports modelid 4512737 and 4512738 ( The namron thermostats I recently purchased are quite new and have modelid 4512752 ( I attempted to create a copy of 4512737_thermostat.json and renamed it to 4512752_thermostat.json and changed the modelid field in the file to 4512752. The rest of the ddf I kept the same. I restarted the gateway and home assistant. But still not able to find the thermostat.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Not a phoscon bug.